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Excellent course!

Mark is both an excellent professional photographer and an excellent teacher. He speaks to the person who is new to thinking seriously about what is going on between their eye and the subject.

~ Lawrence M. Miller

Learn How To Become A Better Photographer
Do you want to learn how to be a better photographer?
Very few photographers ever learn how to observe light and use it. Even less learn how the principles of composition actually work and how you can apply them.
This course will help you create compelling and interesting images that you can enjoy and share with your friends.
Become the best photographer in your circles and impress your friends and families when you begin to take compelling images because you understand the science of light and composition in photography.
Who Is It For?
This course is for anyone that is starting out in photography and who wants to take their photography to an artistic level. 
It is suitable for students from the age of 8 to 108 and all the content is child friendly.
This makes a great gift, or an additional gift to go along with a new camera that you have purchased for a friend or loved one. 
If you or anyone you know has a love for photography and wants to learn how to see light and learn the basics of composition then this course will be the beginning of a wonderful journey and exploration of light.
What Is Covered In The Course?
The course covers the following subjects:
  • Seeing the light
  • Controlling the light
  • Capturing the light
  • Processing the light
  • Candid / street photography
  • Rule of thirds
  • Leading lines
  • Points of contrast
  • Adding or subtracting in the frame
  • Shapes and patterns
  • The power of 3
  • Negative space
  • Breaking the rules
Equipment Needed
This course is designed to be as simple as possible so you will only need two things to really get the best out of the course.
  • A camera (a smartphone camera will do)
  • A pair of eyes to observe what is happening around you
At The End Of The Course
You will understand how to compose an image and how to observe light.
You will be able to grow as a photographer and understand the creative processes when creating artistic or story telling images. 

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