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Ideas To Results: How To Be A Project Manager

Course Description

Businesses today are facing more complex issues than ever before. Business professionals are expected to collaborate and execute in time-bound projects across the organisation. Competent project managers are in demand, for they are relied upon, for balancing the elements of cost, time, scope, people, and other resources to achieve business goals.

Simply put -business outcomes are “effect” of well managed projects, and therefore it would not be an overstatement to say that project management strategies drive organisational success.

But, to become an effective project manager, you need to have thorough understanding of resource dynamics, dependencies, tools and techniques, and an ability to manage unforeseen events to keep the project on track. As you would know, this is no way an easy task and that is the very reason, competent project managers bring in immense value to the organisations. Organisations not only requires a great degree of collaboration between people across locations but also an effective project management rigour that would go a long way making products, services and operations result oriented, flexible and, above all, sustainable.

This course is beneficial for anyone transitioning into project management role, starting a career, or even already working as a project manager. You would always want to learn and relearn intricacies of effective project management and build on the knowledge at any stage of your career. If this describes you in any way, this is the right course for you. It will enhance your proficiency in project management by enabling you to lead projects efficiently and utilise best known tools and techniques available to manage time, scope, and resources.

Sign up for this in-depth course to gain vital insights into successful project management including:

  • Scoping of projects – understanding needs, setting goals of the project and defining objectives.
  • Project break down structures – requirements, work, work packages, sequencing, scheduling and dependencies.
  • Project budgeting, risk planning, slack and critical path analysis.
  • Reporting, forecasting, escalation management and handling scope creeps.
  • Handing over the deliverables, documentation and closure.
  • Agile project management – iterative and adaptive continuous design and flexible scope and how it compares with traditional project management.

Furthermore, in every video lecture in this course we will:

  1. Introduce the concept and relate it with context and learning needs
  2. Develop on the subject matter and use examples in current business context to further explain the core principles
  3. Concentrate on what you need to know in these complex business environments
  4. Provide references and exercises to develop scenario based learning
  5. Use practical frameworks, what has been learned and proven and what you may exercise to enhance your abilities.
  6. Help you learn application of tools and techniques in the context of business challenges and realities on the ground.
  7. Test you to recall and reinstate learning along with specially designed exercises.

Upon completion of this course, you will grow not just in terms of fundamentals but also in terms of deploying tools, techniques and managing people for successful project management.


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