Udemy – Idea Validation: From idea to paying customer in 1 day [100% off]


Launching a product or business idea that’s untested or unproven is incredibly risky.
You could cost yourself and/or your organization countless hours of work, valuable weeks of time, and potentially millions of dollars. Not to mention the damage to your career and reputation, launching untested, unproven ideas can be a complete disaster. 
If you haven’t run tests, gathered feedback, and launched pitch experiments you could be setting yourself for a doomed product launch. Launching a product that doesn’t sell can take the winds out of your entrepreneurial sail and potentially put your dreams of side income to sleep. 
Aren’t all new business, product, app ideas inherently risky? They don’t have to be.
Fortunately, there is a repeatable and proven way of validating ideas before you launch. You can reduce your risk significantly and launch with confidence, by following the system outlined in this course. 
In this course, I’m going to teach you the system we at Sprintkick use on a daily basis to validate our client (and internal) projects before we launch them. We’ve launched over 100+ web and mobile applications for big name clients and we improved our product launch protocol significantly by adding these validation techniques. 
Thousands of well known startups and products launched using the exact same system, such as Airbnb, AppSumo, and Twitter. 
This course is designed to immediately help:
– Entrepreneurs with business or app ideas they want to be confident in launching
– Product Managers who want to test out new features or plan to launch side projects
– Marketers who want to test a new sales funnel or new
– Small business owners
– Anyone who wants a better way of knowing if their online ideas are any good 
9/10 new product launches, that are not tested beforehand, WILL FAIL. This is a sad reality but it doesn’t have to be this way. Arm yourself with the skillset to tell, without a doubt, whether or not your idea is a winner before spending tons of money and time on it. 

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