Udemy – Hypnosis- Rapidly Develop Your Psychic Power [100% off]

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Hypnosis- Rapidly Develop Your Psychic Power

Course Description

In this course titled ‘ Hypnosis- Rapidly Develop Your Psychic Power’. By Pradeep Aggarwal you will learn many self hypnosis techniques and exercises to develop you psychic powers and improve your intuitions. It is a fun course in which you will be able to predict forth comings by the end of the course

This course is ideal for upcoming tarot card readers, magicians , hypnotists , healers and astrologers or for anyone who has interest in the subject of psychology and psychic powers

You will also learn the difference between your conscious and sub conscious mind and how affirmations can be used to enhance psychic abilities .

This course is in English and contains more than 35 minutes of video content and a bonus audio file on psychic power recorded by Pradeep Aggarwal

This course contains –


Lecture2:Remove Myths About Self Hypnosis

Lecture3:Conscious Mind Vs Subconscious Mind

Lecture4:How To Enter Into The State Of Self Hypnosis

Lecture5:How To Master Self Hypnosis To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Lecture6:Taking Steps To Developing Psychic Powers

Lecture7:Learn How To Practice Affirmations During Self Hypnosis


Lecture 9: Bonus -Rapidly Develop Your Psychic Power -Audio File



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