Udemy – Hypnosis- Plan Your Career Using Self Hypnosis [100% off]

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Hypnosis- Plan Your Career Using Self Hypnosis

Course Description

In this course titled ‘ Hypnosis- Plan Your Career Using Self Hypnosis.’ By Pradeep Aggarwal you will learn –

  • Do you ever feel unfulfilled in your work?
  • Do you wish you could change your career?
  • Do you wonder what you would do instead?
  • Do you not enjoy the job you are doing currently? If yes, then this is the course for you.
  • Learn how hypnosis can help you plan your career with the powerful techniques of self hypnosis, visualization, imagery and affirmations
  • Self hypnosis helps you to relax and calm down.
  • Self hypnosis helps you realize your inner skills and talents and thereby helping you plan a satisfying career for yourself.
  • Self hypnosis boosts your confidence and self-esteem.

This course will help you increase your confidence and self esteem and help you plan your career better in both your daily and professional life .

It is ideal for students and business executives who do not realize their inner skills and talents for a satisfying long term career.

This course contains more than 30 minutes of video content designed over 8 lectures including a bonus exercise of positive affirmations-

This course includes –


oLecture2:Remove Myths About Self Hypnosis

Lecture3:Conscious Mind Vs Subconscious Mind

Lecture4:How To Enter Into The State Of Self Hypnosis

Lecture5:How To Master Self Hypnosis To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Lecture6:Guided Visualization Exercise : Plan Your Career Using Self Hypnosis


Lecture 8: Bonus Exercise – Affirmations For Depression, Stress, Insomnia And Negativity

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