Udemy – Hypnosis 101: Exploring the truths and misconceptions [100% off]

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Course Description

This is a basic introduction to hypnosis, and an overview of some basic concepts. This is a standalone course designed to give you a fundamental understanding of this powerful and natural state of mind, and it also serves as an Introductory course for my other Hypnosis courses.

Through 7 video lectures, you will:

  • Learn what hypnosis is, and what it isn’t
  • Find out how hypnosis can improve your life
  • Discover whether you are a good candidate for hypnosis
  • De-bunk some common myths about hypnosis
  • Explore where, when, and how to use hypnosis processes

By the end of this course, you will have the opportunity to experience hypnosis for yourself, and improve some different areas of your life. I have included three different hypnosis processes intended to appeal to a wide range of students. You can listen to these processes as often as you like.

  • If you have trouble getting to sleep, or staying asleep, the Deep Sleep process will help you sleep as easily and naturally as you did as a child
  • Weight Loss Basics will program your subconscious mind so it’s easier to do all the things you already know consciously that you should do
  • The Stress Buster process will relax your body and your mind, allowing you to unwind and let go of stress and worry

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