Udemy – HTML5 Large Introduction [100% off]


HTML5 reflects the monumental changes in the way you now do business on the web and in the cloud. This Course is the first in a four-part series designed to spotlight changes in HTML5, beginning with the new tags and page organization and providing high-level information on web page design, the creation of forms, the use and value of the APIs, and the creative possibilities that Canvas provides. 
In this course you get a complete resource which can get you started on application development for HTML5. This is the complete HTML5 course you will need to get you started with HTML5 application development.In our course you work on actual examples and go through important concepts required for through knowledge. 
This course contain :
1. HTML & HTML5 Introduction
Time: 6:04 Minutes 
2. HTML5 Create Basic Page
Time: 12:41 Minutes 
3. HTML5 Editors
Time: 7:30 Minutes 
4. HTML5 Saving-Files
Time: 5:28 Minutes 
5. HTML5 Nesting
Time: 6:31 Minutes 
6. HTML5 Colors
Time: 6:38 Minutes 
7. HTML5 Site Navigation Links
Time: 5:38 Minutes 
8. HTML5 Link Targets
Time: 5:53 Minutes 
9. HTML5 Images
Time: 3:33 Minutes 
10. HTML5 Comments Tag
Time: 4:23 Minutes 
11. HTML5 Meta Tags
Time: 5:12 Minutes 
12. HTML5 Audio Tag
Time: 7:40 Minutes 
13. HTML5 Video Tag
Time: 7:20 Minutes 
14. HTML5 Ordered Lists
Time: 3:09 Minutes 
15. HTML5 Unordered Lists
Time: 3:28 Minutes 
16. HTML5 hr Tag
Time: 3:39 Minutes 
17. HTML5 Validation
Time: 3:38 Minutes 

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