Udemy – HTML & CSS – Learn to build sleek websites [90% off] only $10 !!

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HTML & CSS - Learn to build sleek websites
Level UP your coding skills.
The course level is from beginner to intermediate.
You will learn to create a beautiful webpage with very easy steps and instructions.
  • You are a beginner: the 2 hands-on HTML & CSS tutorials teach the 101 of web development.
  • You are intermediate: you will learn the foundation for more advance web development
By the end of the course, you will have a better understanding of HTML, CSS (Cascading Stylesheet), web development and responsive design.
As a student in this course, you will learn to:
  • create a fully functional website with HTML and CSS
  • add graphics and images
  • work efficiently with CSS
  • make the webpage responsive with media queries
Video lessons include:
  • 2 Hands-on HTML& CSS tutorials (start here if you are a complete beginner)
  • Guide to Web Hosting (coming soon)
  • 1 Final Project:
Some Bonus include
  • Using CSS3 Animation
  • Adding CSS transition
  • integrating a Image Hover effect
  • Adding a Favicon (coming soon)
I am fast-lightening responder – if you have any question about the course, you can reach out to me in a private message or by posting your question on the discussion board.
I will make sure you have the best learning experience 

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