Udemy – How to Write a Business Plan Like a Venture Capitalist [100% off]

How to Write a Business Plan Like a Venture Capitalist

Course Description

In these 8 lectures you will learn;
  • How to write proposals that will have your prospects begging to give you money
  • The mindset you need to transform your dull proposal into a money generating machine
  • The pitch sequence we use to turn a cold prospect into a cash deposit into your account
  • How to turn one time investors into repeat investors (on average an investor funds at least 3 projects after the initial successful one)
  • How to get convince even the prospects that don’t want to invest into connecting you to a fellow investor that will be interested.
I know you don’t want to your proposal to keep collecting dust, just waiting for your next little tweak.You need to take it to the next level, you want to be able to boldly go into any office and hand them your proposal with 100% certainty that it will blow their socks off.
Only you can save your dream, nobody else will come and help you create the life that you deserve.
By changing your mindset and learning How to Write a Business Plan Like a Venture Capitalist, you will be securing your future business and you will be there to help your friends and family when they need it most.
*If within the first 30 days of taking this course you are not satisfied, you will be able to get a full refund*
You are only one click away from securing your first round of venture capital!A few years ago I was in the position that you might be in right now.
About Us
I left my comfortable job as an accounts manger and decided to pursue a great business idea that I had. 3 months down the line and my unfinished business plan was collecting dust in a corner of my home office. I kept telling myself that it wasn’t ready yet and that I would find an investor once it was perfect. 

But the actual fact was I was afraid. Like you I was not sure that my business plan was good enough, I was afraid that if I showed it to an investor that they would just laugh in my face and never reply to my emails again. I would look online for any templates for drag and drop solution that I could find to help improve my proposal but despite all the little changes I made it never felt like it was quite there. As entrepreneurs we want to have a business proposal that fills us with pride and confidence not doubt and shame. So as the weeks turned into months my initial burning fire for my project turned into a dim candlelight flickering in the wind.
That was until I met my current business partner Peter Davy and he shared with me the mind set and techniques that he used to raise funding for mines in DRC, a housing project for the United Nations and the lessons he learnt while he was the CEO of FTSE a listed company. Fast forward to today where we are currently working on a copper mine in Zambia, for which we raised more than $250,000.
What changed is that I learnt how to tailor my proposals for each individual prospect and I have also learnt how to pick and attract the right kind of investor for my projects.
We will be teaching you these skills on this course and as a bonus, Peter and I will personally answer any questions that you have to help build your dream business proposal.