Udemy – How to Take a Deposition [100% off]

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Even if you aren’t a trial lawyer, depositions are crucial to the success of your practice. Have you found that the information you learned in law school is insufficient? Are you afraid to ask your boss “stupid” questions? Have you found yourself trying to tailor your practice to avoid depositions at all costs? This course will lead you through the deposition process in a practical, real-world manner with examples from federal and state law, to help you fully grasp the power and technique of the deposition and allow you to move comfortably and confidently into the conference room. During this course you will learn:
  • How to conduct high-quality free legal research
  • How to create an evidence chart and question list
  • Questioning strategies and formation techniques
  • How to introduce and interact with evidence
  • Deposition structure
  • Handling objections and unprofessional conduct
  • Defending cross-examinations
  • The purpose of and strategies for re-direct examination

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