Udemy – How to Start a Business: From Concept to Start-up [100% off]


This course will teach you the skills and knowledge to take your business idea from concept to start-up. This course is designed for those with no previous business knowledge and takes you step by step through the entire process. We look at developing your business idea, improving your skills as a business owner, conducting market research, creating financial reports, assessing the feasibility of your idea and putting in place a marketing strategy. 
This course is comprehensive and each section includes a workbook to apply the theory to your own business. The course will involve you doing a lot of research and reflection to ensure that you are satisfied that your business idea is feasible. You will have access for the lifetime of the course, so there is no pressure to complete the course quickly, it is much better to complete it thoroughly as then you will have the best chance of starting a successful business. 
Each section looks at a different aspect of starting your business and the course is made up of videos, workbooks, supplementary sheets, excel workbooks and support through the forum and the Facebook group. 
If you are thinking about starting a business then this course will really help you assess your idea to test it’s viability and encourage you to think about things which you may not have already thought about. 

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