Udemy – How To Start A Business: Business Ideas To Business Success [100% off] Worth $299 !!

How To Start A Business: Business Ideas To Business Success
LATEST: Course Updated Again November 2014
  1. New lecture on pros and cons of being first to market
  2. New section on business registration with 9 new lectures
  3. New lectures on how to raise money!
  4. Three strategies for doing a fantastic product launch


Learn the necessary fundamentals to go from business ideas to starting a successful business. Use this course as a step-by-step guide as you take each step in turning your business ideas into a growing and successful business.
In addition to the course lectures, I (course instructor) provide personal help to students of this course via the course discussions and private messages. All students of this course are welcome to message me on Udemy and ask me questions about their business. I love helping students and I look forward to helping you!
This course contains over 4 hours of video in over 53 lectures.
  1. How to come up with business ideas
  2. How to pitch ideas and get feedback
  3. How to know if your ideas are good
  1. NDA, patents, copyrights, non compete agreements and more
  1. Business models,
  2. Revenue models,
  3. Marketing plan and understanding your target market
  4. Individual section for each part of a business plan to make sure that you start with great business fundamentals
  1. 10 very different ways to raise money for your business
  1. Business registration
  2. How to do sales
  3. How to improve and evolve your idea and business
  4. How to choose a great business name and domain name
  5. How to quickly set up your website on your own
This course is ideal for people who are either thinking about starting their business, are in the very beginning stages of starting their business, or have started and are struggling to make progress. You will get solid business fundamentals from the lectures, and personal help from me if you have particular questions on how to start your business.
There is a very unique story behind this course. I originally created the Problemio business apps which now have over 500,000 entrepreneurs who downloaded the apps. On the apps, entrepreneurs are able to ask business questions. I took all the questions that were ever asked on the apps, and summed them up into the issues covered in this course. That means that the issues covered in the course come from entrepreneurs just like yourself! So if you are starting a business, this is a great way to guarantee that the material in the course will be very relevant to the things you are going through now, or things you will be going through soon.
The course comes with an unconditional, Udemy backed, 30 day money-back guarantee. It is also my personal promise to you that you will get great value from the course and succeed … just like over a thousand other students in this course.

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