Udemy – Selling Used Items on eBay and Amazon for Beginners [100% off]

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Learn how to sell on eBay and Amazon in 30 minutes for one low cost.

“But, I’m afraid”
The secret to getting ahead is to get started.
Your success will be attributed to your low upfront costs.
It doesn’t cost anything to open an eBay account and to list products on eBay.

Setting yourself up for success with:
Low upfront costs.
30 day money back guarantee.
Making back your investment with 1 sale.
Minimizing your risk

“Will this work in my country?”
YES, you’ll learn everything you need to know about listing items for sale on eBay and Amazon. How to get the most money with every sale and shipping your customers orders.

The Simple 5-Step Formula on How to Sell on eBay & Amazon
Step by Step Guide
This course will teach you the actionable steps you can take to make money online by learning how to sell on eBay and how to sell on Amazon.

eBay vs. Amazon
Learn how eBay and Amazon work and learn which platform to best sell your items on in order to make the most money in exchange for your time.

Presale Research
Learn how to prepare your product listings on eBay and Amazon and how to set the best possible price in order to maximize your sales.

Listing Items
You’ll learn how to sell on eBay and Amazon. How to list your items in order to maximize your sales. We’ll go through everything it takes to list and sell your item on eBay and Amazon.

Shipping Your Items
You’ll learn how to ship your customers sales. The best way to ship products and save on shipping costs in order for you to maximize your profits.

“How will I know this will work?”
eBay gives you an easy access to a worldwide customer base – who is looking to buy the products you’re selling.
Getting started with eBay is virtually risk free for you.
You don’t need any startup capital and you don’t need to take out a loan.
You benefit from massive amounts of internet traffic.
There are safety measures that protect buyers and sellers from fraud.
Your income potential is virtually unlimited and is only limited by…
Your ability to find items to resell.
Your knowledge of creative selling techniques
and your time.

I’ve been selling online since 2006 and have SOLD over $750,000 DOLLARS in total. I started an online retail business and made my FIRST SALE 2 WEEKS LATER. SALES to date have been OVER $525,000.00 (this is confirmed in lecture 1 and 2).

What effectively works for one person will effectively work the same for any other person.
The course is very introductory and high level – it is designed to get you started – there is a lot more to learn regarding online sales – but this gives you a solid start. And getting started is the key. Use this course to begin and then look to further your education on the subject.” – Larry Sweet
“These are the first steps in getting started selling on eBay and Amazon. Matt literally walks you through going online and setting up accounts with both. He gives some input on the differences between eBay and Amazon and which products sell better on each. This course will wet your appetite to ‘dig deeper.” – Robin Barnhart
“I’ve failed before, what’s different this time?”
Did you spend a lot of money on video courses in the past, that told you that you’d be rich?

Rule #1 limit your upfront costs and limit your expenses.
Based on my huge successes, I let you look over my shoulder as I explore my own eBay account.
I stress that you need no prior experience.
If you don’t have a current eBay account, I spend a lot of time in this course showing you how to create your own.

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