Udemy – How To Rap Like The Pros [100% off]

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Course Description

In this course you will learn how to rap like the pros by going through 8 specific steps. You will learn how to “steal” pro level rap skills from your favorite rappers and make their rap skills your own.

This course will help complete beginners and even pro-level rappers who want to get even better at rapping than they are now…

The eight steps in this course took me from not knowing anything about rapping to winning rap battles and poetry slams using raps I had written.

This course is 100% focused on improving your flow, confidence and vocal delivery.

So, if there is a verse you think is really amazing and you think to yourself, “Man It’d be cool to be able to rap like that…”

Then this course is for you because it will give you a proven step by step system to follow to “hijack” the rap skills of your favorite rappers and make their skills uniquely your own.

It doesn’t matter if your favorite rapper is Eminem, Drake, Joey Badass or Andre 3000.

These steps will help you take the skills of a few of your favorite rappers and make those skills your own…

This course is not for you if you’re looking for a magic button you can press and have amazing rap skills without any practice at all.

Rapping takes practice of course…

This course is for people who want to cut their learning curve in half by following a proven step by step system that has now been used by over 1,247 rappers to improve their skills.

I hope you enjoy the course and let me know if you have any questions.


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