Udemy – How To Publish An Udemy Course Super Fast [100% off]

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How To Publish An Udemy Course Super Fast

Course Description

It’s the 2nd week after my 1st course went live on Udemy, this is my 3rd course, I created it in 5 hours. I’ve been talking to my students and a lot of people, it seems there are vast amount of people spending months to plan to create a Udemy course and spent weeks to research if Udemy is the right platform for them.

I was shocked.

Don’t let the perfectionism stop you taking massive actions. The amount of time you talking about creating a course, argue with your instructors, or worry about how many lectures you should put in, you can create one already.

In this course I am going to show you how you can publish your first Udemy course fast. I often hear people debating if they should publish a course on Udemy, hesitation is what cost more time than just take action.

Instead of complaining about your worry and concerns, spent the same energy create your first Udemy course, testing this market. No one can tell you what will work what will not work until you take action testing your ideas. You can get everything ready as fast as in 3 hours, depends on your computer speed.


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