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How To Meditate For Beginners : Meditation For Contentment

Course Description

FREE Best selling e-book ‘How To Meditate For Beginners’ included with this course! Complimentary for you to use as a course companion, to ease your progress.

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“Life is not as serious as the mind makes it out to be”, Eckhart Tolle

Congratulations! Just by reading these words, something in you has made a choice for a better life. On some level you wouldn’t be drawn to read this course description unless you hadn’t had enough of stress in your life. Enough is enough!

You have come to the right place. Completing this course will ensure that you have discovered for yourself, the secrets that stand between you, and the life you were born to live: A life without stress!

Stress is so common in our modern society that it is considered normal.

Yet it is not normal to live a life where you feel unable to easily relax, even at the end of a hard day’s work.

Do you sometimes feel tired, overwhelmed, depressed for no reason, anxious, or confused?…

There is an answer to all your problems, and it has been here for a very long time, hidden in plain sight, a secret so close it is all too obvious to miss it; the secret is contained in the essence of meditation.

My experience comes from over 10 years of being a meditation teacher, having trained in India in 2005 as a Kundalini Yogi, and Australia as a Kundalini Dancer (Contemporary Shamanistic and Ecstatic Dance) The latter focuses on using ritual, trance, NLP and meditation to alter one’s state back into alignment with one’s pure and essential self.

I will reveal to you what they don’t want you to know. That you can live a life without discomforts such as stress, depression, and anxiety – a life where you can learn to unplug from the system and regain control.

The ancient secrets I will reveal to you will enable you to:

1. Eradicate stress from your life

2. Access inner peace instantly at any time of the day

3. Ensure you feel more at ease, content and happy

4. Give you the power to deal with whatever challenges life throws at you

5. Relax deeper than you have ever known

6. Overcome negative thoughts and emotions, even physical pain and illness

7. Have space and clarity to think effectively

8. Bring an end to feeling overwhelmed, and move into complete inner freedom

9. Have you all the energy you need

10. Master your mind : Get your life back

Just follow the simple, easy instructions in this course, and I promise, all your life will be enhanced and enriched as a result.

Remember, meditation is easy and very simple, and yet holds the keys of an incredible power, to transform your life, from one of stress, to one of perfect calm.

Life Time Access – You can complete the course in your own time, and keep coming back to it again, and again – you will also receive free additions and updates, as I add to the course over time, and never have to pay a cent/penny more again.

Remember you get the full, unabridged e-book ‘How to Meditate For Beginners’ absolutely free, it comes complete with colour photographs.

No Risk : 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – so nothing to lose!

The real question, is can you afford NOT to learn to meditate?

Make the decision to be happy, that you want, and deserve to receive the benefits of meditation from this course…

Come and join me, and over 600 students already finding the contentment within tranquility…



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