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How to Master DSLR Video & Create a Profitable Business

Course Description

Learn the skills that are necessary to create great looking video using a DSLR or any other conventional video capturing device and then be able to use those skills to create a profitable business.

Master the Fundamentals of Videography in Easy to Digest Tutorials

At the end of this course:

  • You will have a solid understanding of how the DSLR / Video Camera works and a confidence to be able to use it correctly in any given situation.
  • You will have a much greater understanding of composition and how we can increase production value by applying a few simple rules.
  • You will have improved your perception of what is good & bad audio and will start to see light in a completely different way.
  • You will be in possession of a number of different strategies and ideas to be able to create a profitable business.

Video is everywhere we look today – skilled video creators are already in great demand and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down. Get in front of the trend!

The skills you develop throughout this course will give you some very powerful tools at your disposal to take into any arena. There has always been a need for good quality video production and even more now with the rise of You Tube and social media.

The opportunity to create your own video based business or to offer freelancing services has never been greater. Having a fundamental understanding of videography will be a priceless commodity in todays marketplace.

Content and Overview

This course is suitable for beginners and hobbyist’s with a passion for video also intermediate videographers or photographers looking to expand their portfolios.

The course consists of over 30 lectures and approximately 3 hours of content broken down into easily to consume videos, checklists and quizzes.

I have broken the course into four ( 4 ) modules which build on top of each other and give a strong foundation in how to use a DSLR / Video correctly.

Starting with the Camera Basics we cover how to set up a DSLR / Video camera so we are ready to film, taking into account Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and Frame Rates. We then move into the camera settings which include Picture Styles, White Balance and the types of lens we can choose to use. Focus is also covered in depth in this section

With the basics covered in detail we move onto the topic of Composition and drill down into what makes an average looking shot into a great looking shot. The main topics we cover in this section are:

Shot Selection ( Framing ), Angle of shot, Rule of Thirds, Depth of Field, 180 Degree Rule.

Once a shot is composed correctly we need to keep interest so teaching how to use B Roll and cutaways allied to how we sequence the footage is a must.

The next module teaches the fundamentals of Audio and Lighting giving the student full access to why these components of any video are crucial.

Finally, an overview of how the skills that have been acquired throughout the previous modules can be put to practical use almost immediately.

Students who complete this course will emerge with a solid grasp of Videography but will also be armed with a strategy on how to take these skills forward into the marketplace to create a profitable business.


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