Udemy – How To Make Your Windows Computer Run Faster [100% off]


In this course, you will be learning the following:
– Practical steps to take to make your Windows computer run faster
– How to use various applications built into the Windows operating system to make your PC faster
– How to use your antivirus to remove malware that may be making your computer run slow
– Creating a recovery disk for your computer using the recovery partition in case your hard drive crashes or you accidentally delete the partition
– Using Windows ReadyBoost to increase your system’s memory, thereby making it faster
– How to uninstall unwanted programs such as browser hijackers, unneeded or unnecessary tool bars, unused programs, e.t.c
– And many others! 
This course takes you by the hand and shows you practical steps you can take to get your slow computer run faster. The course is useful for beginners as well as experts who know how to fix their computers and maybe even do so for clients as well. 
The videos are short and straight to the point and do not make use of technical jargon which may confuse a beginner. 
The course is a little over an hour and thereby can be completed in no time.
The course begins with the easy steps to take and gradually proceeds to the advanced methods. However, you will be watching all the steps on video and will have no problems doing them yourself.
You need to take this course if:
– You are fed up of your computer running slower that a snail!
– You no longer want to pay hefty fees to the computer repair shops when you could do what they do yourself
– You want to learn the proper way to take care of your computer so that you are not taken ransom by applications such as Ophion Locker and Cyber Locker
– And many others! 

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