Udemy – How to make money: work from Home Selling Websites on Flippa [100% off] Worth $250!

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Course Description


Everyone that enrolls in this course during November and December of 2015 will receive free Coupons to my courses (still under development) about SEO, Keyword research, Quality content and Backlinks, and more, during 2016.


This course teach you how to make money Flipping websites, or selling your own website or even sell a Website made from scratch. I focus on Flippa because I sold about 10/15 websites with them and made more than $10 000 in 3 months. You can use what you learn to:

Make a extra cash flipping websites

Make the best and most profitable Auction on Flippa

I am going to cover in this course all about established blog flipping, that’s number one. There will be topics such as traffic, conversions, etc which will be universal i.e. you can apply them in any kind of website you flip, not just blogs and on any Flipping Market, not just Flippa.

This course have lessons with powerpoints and Videos explaining the Flipping process and how Flippa Works. I Will talk about my experience with real examples. Because I am not an English Native (but have a very sexy accent…or not…) all Lectures have a downloaded PDF with all the information I say, all writen below each slide!

In the end of this course you will be able to start selling websites like a Pro!


Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/make-money-online-selling-websites-on-flippa/?couponCode=crazyblackfriday



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