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Learn how I made $5000 by uploading 1 app in the App Store that cost me less than $50 to produce.

Welcome to the most complete course in Udemy about how to make money with Apps, where you will be able to watch over my shoulder my whole app strategy.

This is course goes straight to the point. Not just boring theory but PRACTICAL stuff

I will show you the app that made me the money, the niche, the income, the way it made the money and I even share the source code for you to replicate my success.

Yes: You read it right.

This course includes the Source Code I used to make $5000 with full instructions for you to start building your apps.

You get the full rights to use the source code in your next app.

During this course you will learn the art of reskinning for fast money-making in the app stores.

BE AWARE: It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, per se, as it does take some knowledge and strategy, but it’s a foot-in-the-door for newbies to app development or for developers looking for something a little different, and this course explains the smart way to achieve profit in the app store.

The Best Part? You don’t need to know coding… in fact I can’t even code, or even use Photoshop… I’m pretty much useless with computers! 😉

The Philosophy of my course is one:
Profit fast, don’t fall in love with your app idea, and do the right market research to be sure your launch will make your $$$ back.

For some, their app is their baby. They have an idea and they work tirelessly to realize it. For them, it’s about a sense of pride, accomplishment and commitment to innovation and quality.

For others, the app game is much simpler (others like me, and very soon: you!).

They have a need for speed combined with a system that allows them to produce many apps in a short period of time. Oh, and not least, it’s about the money. And not just any money, that’s money from passive income that is generated as quickly as possible.

Welcome to automatic, systematic, speed-o-matic app making.

App developer purists may turn their noses up to re-skinning, but before you judge, take a look at what it involves:

The Process: Straightforward

Re-skinning, aka app flipping, aka app development on steroids, involves taking an existing code (work already done) and tweaking it enough that it can be accepted as a new game in the app store.

Do you want to create something new, from scratch, to fulfill your yearning for creativity and innovation? Re-skinning is not for you.

This is not about making something from the ground up, rather, this is about making something quickly that will maximize profit margins.

Sound cold? It’s not really. Think of it as a factory for apps. As soon as you take a product, say ice cream, into mass manufacturing you lose the handmade quality, but you can sell so many more buckets of ice cream when the process of making them is systematized and automated.

Also, if you’re slowly making the ice cream by hand, will you have enough capital and can you sell enough to reinvest and keep your tiny venture going? Re-skinning involves minimal investment and a fast return that allows you to reinvest in other types of app development. Or, to just keep re-skinning and making more money. It’s up to you.

So, the process looks a bit like this:

Find a code, find a theme, find a team (to redo graphics), monetize, publish, track & update for up to 30 days, forget about it.

In this course you will learn how just 1 code made me $5000 without doing any update, improvement or change, and once again, don’t forget you get full rights to the code itself!

This course its a great way to really learn how to make money with apps. . Depending on your dedication to creating a system and your ability to outsource effectively, this is a great way to get your feet wet in the market without taking a huge financial risk.

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