Udemy – How to Make a $104,000 Salary With a Product Management Job [100% off] Worth $99

Product Managers can earn between $69,000 and $140,000 with the national US average of $104,000. And the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that product management jobs will continue to grow at a rate of 12% over the next decade.

A product management career is one of the hottest and most promising in the tech and startup industry.

You have a feeling that product management is the career for you. You’ve spent hours finding, collecting and analyzing opinions and advice on product management from all over the Internet.

You think you’ve learned enough to take the first step in your product management career, but you have this nagging feeling that you don’t have the complete picture.

What if you had a complete picture of product management, and knew that it was the right career for you and have the exact steps to take to catapult you in the right direction to start a prcoduct management career.

Imagine you could hear from actual product managers on what they do day to day so you can envision yourself as a Product Manager.

In this course, you will…

learn the entire product management process so that you can present yourself as the ideal candidate during the product management interview and so that you can add value to the company on Day 1
learn the product management tools so that you can become an expert before your first day on the job and so that you can blow your competition out of the water by listing your new skills on your resume and discussing them in the interview
learn how to work with all the departments as a product manager so that you’re seen as someone they can hire to come in and get the job done
And by the end, you’ll get to see the most commonly asked product management interview questions with some answers from actual product managers.

You’ll also get my personal product management resume template and learn about the critical ‘resume killer’ to make you shine as the ideal product management candidate.

Once you’re complete the course, you won’t be left to fend for yourself. Instead, you will get a checklist of things you can start doing immediately based on what you’ve learned in the course so you can begin your product management career.

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