Udemy – How To Get Amazon To Advertise Your Kindle Books For You! [100% off]


The service that has been launched provides you with the ability to advertise your kindle books in the kindle store on all devices for only a minimum of $ 0.05 per click!Now let that sink in…
This means you can concentrate on writing your books if you are an author – knowing fully well that as soon as your book is ready you can advertise your book to your target audience. 
If you outsource your books or are a publisher you can concentrate on getting quality books wriiten as with one click of a button you can launch your marketing campaign. 
In this video course I show you….
How to sign up for this Brand New Service so you can sign up straight away if you would like to
How to set up your ads for success so you can stack the deck in your favour
How to piggyback on the success of the most successful authors in the kindle store right now in your genre
Ways to find the most successful titles and authors in your genre right now so you can get your book infront of their fans and readership
Watch over my shoulder as I set up my ad – step by step
Ways to leverage this Amazon service right now so you can stretch your advertising budget even further by making even more money from each $0.05 perclick you spend
What are you waiting for? Get your copy right now!
Not having to wait 48 hours to 7 days to see if your ad submission has been approved for an advertising slot on the current ebook promotion sites.
Getting approved in less than 10 minutes!
Not knowing exactly how to reach your target audience
Being able to now target your exact readership right in the Kindle Store!
Not being limited to a book per month advertising slot
Being able to determine the pacing of how your ads are shown to suit your objective at any given time.
Make your imagination real – Get your copy today! 

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