Udemy – How to Get a Great job as a Graduate in 20 easy steps [100% off]

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Course Description

This course covers all aspects both successfully applying and being offered a job. It is designed for graduates who want to get a good job that reflects their academic success, rather than the zero hour contract or part-time jobs that more than 50% of graduates finally finish up doing.

The course comprises of short lectures on all aspects of job seeking and could be completed in a couple of hours. To fully benefit the student should then revisit the material and carry out the tasks in depth.

The author has very successfully helped many graduates secure jobs including overseas students. He has run courses and worked one on one. He was involved in BrightFutures at Swansea University and regular speaker at their annual Employer/Graduate dinner.

Mike Leahy has spent considerable time putting this course together to be comprehensive, easy and interesting to follow and very practical. This is where academia and practicality walk hand in hand. Anyone following this course has the very best chance of securing the job they want. In addition some lectures cover life skills.


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