Udemy – How To Find Hot Buttons Of Anybody For Sales And Persuasion [100% off]

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Course Description

In this course ‘ How To Find Hot Buttons Of Anybody For Sales And Persuasion ‘ By Pradeep Aggarwal teaches you to identify people emotional buttons using very simple NLP techniques which can be used in your daily life . Every person has some kind of an emotional button , people do not buy things , they buy emotions as they have some emotional goal to fulfill by purchasing something . This course will help you identify those buttons and help you increase and improve your sales .

The techniques can be used for multiple purposes like Persuasion , Rapport building , Improving Relationships, Marketing , Public Seminars etc .

This course contains 30 minutes of content and 7 lectures using video clips .

The course includes –


How to find out people’s hot button for sales

Criteria technique to find out hot/emotional buttons of people

Questions to be asked to find out hot buttons of people

How to use the techniques for presentations and training

How to identify hot buttons based on positive and negative answers of people

Summary Of The Course


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