Udemy – How to Earn Extra Money and Supplement Your Income [100% off]

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Course Description


I need to supplement my monthly income but need some help and advice?” You’ve come to the right course. This course will help you built a successful course portfolio which will help supplement your current mostly income.

Some of you will even go one further and move to making courses as your primary source of income. This course gives you all the tricks and info you will need to understand what courses you can create, how to keep a flow of course ideas happening and then what you need to concentrate on to maximise your profits.

This course is comprised of the techniques I have now used successfully to generate a healthy supplementary income; and these techniques can be used by you to do the same.

Once completed; use this knowledge and you will be creating and earning with ease.

26/08/15 – I’ve added a new lecture number 20 (currently) which is on course reviews; some ideas to how to action your students to leave reviews and what to do if you get negative reviews.



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