Udemy – How To Earn Extra Income By Being A Sports Writer [100% off]

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How to earn extra income by being a sports writer

Course Description

So, you want to be a sports writer?

In this course, I’ll share with you my sports writing experiences that started while a just a junior in high school which later developed into a full-time writing jobs covering high school, college and professional sports.

In this lecture, you’ll learn how you can take some basic writing skills (and your love for sports) and combine them into a new career. You can even pick up some extra money by being a freelance or part-time sports writer for a local newspaper, radio or television station. There are also other writing opportunities covering local tournaments; sports public relations or writing for a sports blog.

We’ll also explore the pros and cons about being a sports writer; how to start gaining experience as a sports writer and how to get your sports writing articles published today.

This course includes 20 lectures and approximately two hours of sports writing instruction and ideas.

Students will also be able to ask questions through the course discussion area.

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