Udemy – How To Create a UDEMY Course In a Weekend: Step By Step Plan [100% off]

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How To Create a UDEMY Course In a Weekend: Step By Step Plan

Course Description

“Once You Truly and Deeply Decide On a Goal To Achieve, Then Review and Repeat This Goal Every Day, The Actions Needed To Achieve That Goal Will Reveal Themselves To You Automatically”

Learn How to Create a High Quality, Profitable UDEMY Course in Just One Weekend!

Creating a course in one weekend is a pretty bold claim, but it can be done IF you choose a course topic that you know very well and you’re willing to work all weekend, starting Friday after work, until Sunday night.

The course would be from 30 minutes (Udemy Minimum Size) to 1 hour. If you need more time to research a topic and/or you want to make a longer course, then It would take 2 to 3 weekends, depending on how much work is needed. But this is still pretty awesome.

But a shorter course can be better, especially if it’s your first one and part of a logical series of courses that would help students learn a new skill, or solve a challenge they have.

How to make a online course?, or How to make a Udemy online course? Just enroll in this course and find out with a simple, step by step system. Just a recipe to a result.

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In This Course, You’ll Experience The Following:

  • Discover how to easily teach many things you already know
  • Learn how to quickly research & teach other topics that interest you
  • Follow my rapid, step by step system to create your course
  • Find out how easy it is to organize your ideas into a course
  • Discover a fast, dead simple way to create course content

The BIG secret about online courses? You get paid multiple times for the same work!

In a normal job, you work one week & get paid for that week. No one pays you again

This system is called trading dollars for hours. You only have so many hours to trade

Create and sell online courses: get paid for the same work over and over again!

This is called scaling and leveraging your time. You won’t want to go back to the old way

Making & Selling Online Courses is: PUNCHING DOLLARS FOR HOURS IN THE GUT!

Make money while you sleep: Udemy sells in over 190 countries to over 6 million students

Freedom: Work anywhere, anytime… all you need is a computer and the internet

Anyone can create a course: you don’t need to be an expert, just know more than most

A online course is just a recipe to a result. You research & organize steps to that result

We’ll walk through every step to creating your course in a simple, fast system

I’ve collected & curated all the top course creating tips from 6 of Udemy’s top instructors

Discover how to simply list & organize all the ideas/thoughts you have into a course

You can create a course in a weekend on topics you already know deeply

You can create a course in about a week on topics you need to research more

Me: over 25 Years Experience In Marketing, With Over $100 Million In Lifetime Sales

I have a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from California State University, Chico

I’m A Top Selling Udemy Instructor, With Over 2,012 Students And Counting…

Now is the time to learn how to make a udemy course and earn passive income

If You’re Ready To Create Your Own Udemy Course and Start Making 24/7 Passive Income, Then Enroll in this Course Today and Let’s Get Started!


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