Udemy – How to Create a Brilliant 3D Demo Video for Your Business [100% off] Worth $347 !!

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  • Thought you were going to spend $10,000 on an agency? Why not spend just 3.5% of that painful cost, and produce something 10 times more unique, a world more engaging and in super-cool 3D?
  • If you want your customers to forget your competition, grab this coaching program for just $347 on Udemy today. What’s more, every Adobe program I use in this training comes with a Free 30 day free trial.

Now, a 3D video may sound complex, but with custom file management both inside and outside of the animation software, After Effects, and 11 hours of carefully scripted training, this course breaks down everything from the very basics, simple-step by simple-step – no matter what your experience level. Just watch over my shoulder, and create your own 3D animation that will have your customers in awe of your business and telling their friends!

You’ll learn how the professionals work by exploring how to easily build engaging 3D worlds, control a camera in 3D space to record your scenes, and animate a 3D model of your product in the living and breathing places that you create – think of it like Toy Story but with a pleasing sales pitch at the end, that your customer actually wants to hear. Offer online customers the most compelling reason to make a purchase with you – and not with your competition.

And if you’re a service business? Don’t worry, you’re covered. There is a world of 3D elements you can add to your video for grabbing customers’ attentions, as you’ll discover in this truly comprehensive course.

Learn how to write a script that converts, and how to build a visual avatar of your customer so that you understand every one of his/her needs, before you start animating. Learn timeless principles and triggers in marketing for motivating your customer to buy your product/service.

By merging your sales material with Pixar-like storytelling, you’ll hit the sweet spot for conversion magic. You’ll take your prospects on a journey. A journey they’ll emerge from without feeling like a grimy salesman has fooled them, but rather, feeling completely happy about parting with their money after being understood AND entertained. And for good measure, you’ll become proficient in no less than 6 Adobe programs, all available in Adobe’s 30 day free trial. So you get to increase your own personal marketable value too!

Reinvent your brand’s first impressions, and show new customers that you do business just a little differently.

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