Udemy – How to become an e-commerce guru! – the complete guide [100% off] Worth $99!

Course Description

Always wanted to be an entrepreneur? Always had the dream to start selling stuff? Maybe even thought about selling stuff online? Maybe you’re even started already! That is great stuff! I have been in that situation some years ago. But then I just did it. I bought some products, let me build a professional online store (first mistake) and started. Now, almost 5 years later, I had over 10 online stores in various businesses. From small too big. From a success to an absolute failure. During that time I learned a lot! Now is the time to transfer that knowledge not only to my intimate customers but also to you! 
On this moment I earn over 20.000 euro per month running my businesses. It is all about choosing good products and setting your store up in a super effective way. 
Some courses out there only focus on SEO and Online marketing, but this course doesn’t. This course will teach you everything that you need to know to start selling products online. It does not matter if you doesn’t have any experience or you are already started. I will guide you from the beginning to the end. It is designed to provide you with hands-on knowledge of critical topics such as:
    ·What is E-commerce
    ·How to set-up your business
    ·How to determine your market
    ·Make, buy or use drop shipment
    ·Find your Customers
    ·Make customers to find you
    ·Run the business
    ·Customer support
    ·Manage growth
    ·The future
This course is easy to follow with practical tips. At the end of the course you will have a new look to e-commerce and will run your business better

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