Udemy – How to Become a Successful Project Manager Part 2: Execution [100% off]

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Course Description

How to Become a Successful and Practical Project Manager Part 2 the Execution Phase is designed for aspiring project managers, project team members and technical team members wanting to get more involved in managing the implementation phase of a project.

This project management training course is a follow-on course from How to Become a Successful and Practical Project Manager: Part 1, and is structured around the premise that all projects have a beginning, a middle and an end, and that all successful projects follow a standardised project management methodology.

Learn how to implement, monitor and control your projects using simple, repeatable processes guided by an easy to use project management methodology.

Supercharge your career, build on your project management skills and deliver the product of your project on time, under budget and to the absolute delight of your key stakeholders.

  • Learn all the process and methods needed to complete the execution phase of your projects making sure all deliverables are completed, documented and accepted
  • Discover my Practical Project Management Methodology – making your projects easy to manage and control
  • Download a complete set of the only document templates and checklists you will ever need to manage the execution phase of your project successfully

Become a successful and practical project manager by introducing my Practical Project Management Methodology today so that you can plan, implement and bring all your projects to a successful conclusion

In this project management training course you will learn:

  • My Practical Project Management Methodology
  • What project integration management is all about
  • How to manage stakeholders during the execution phase
  • How to manage and control changes to scope, cost and schedule
  • How to control your project scope
  • How to control your project schedule
  • How to develop your project team
  • How to manage and control your project budget
  • How to develop a risk response plan and take care of risk events
  • How to introduce quality assurance and quality control into your projects
  • How to select suppliers and manage the agreements made
  • How to produce and distribute effective communications to your stakeholders

The course consists of:

  • Video presentations
  • Complete set of downloadable document templates and checklists
  • Easy to do quizzes


  • Me – students can ask and comment on questions in the discussion area and I will be available to advise on any aspects of the execution phase of a project

See you on the inside…

Jeb Riordan, PMP


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