Udemy – How to Become a High Performer And Be 2-5X More Productive [100% off]

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Course Description

In this course you’ll learn the exact, step-by-step, time-testedframework I used to launch two startups, work for Denmark’s biggest companies, self-fund studies to the world’s top schools, write a book and travel to almost 100 different countries.

I’ve a successful, fun and exciting career and lifestyle, and in this course I want to tell you exactly how you can join me.

Five years ago, I was a broke, bored and unemployed graduate in South America.

I dreamed of working in Google or another big company, of traveling to London and Europe, and of having VIPs from all types in my network.

I was ambitious – I was trying the latest productivity tips, the latest “life hacks” and more, but I couldn’t just “take off”.

While my old classmates started landing serious jobs, applying for Ivy League MBAs and traveling the world, I couldn’t get it right and started to freaked out.

One cold, dark winter day I hit rock bottom. After quitting my first job after only three days, I promised myself and everyone I knew, that I would rise up.

Fast forward a few years, and I’ve:

  • Launched two businesses, one reaching 2.3m people
  • Moved to Denmark, and worked for Maersk and Carlsberg, two of the world’s biggest companies
  • Self-funded a Masters Degree in Copenhagen and spent 8 weeks in Harvard
  • Wrote a book and traveled to over 90 different countries

I’ve finally cracked it.

After years of reading all sorts of books, going to dozens of conferences, meeting hundreds of experts and experimenting with innumerable techniques and strategies, I’ve come up with a winning formula.

Today I want to share it with you.


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