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How to Beat Wall Street: 23 Trading Systems For Stocks
  • Understand fundamental analysis and macro themes.
  • Time the markets and optimise risk.
  • Learn the secrets and tips known to professional traders.
  • Develop your own robust trading systems.
  • Learn the performance of 23 different trading strategies.
  • Regular updates and new material.

Hi, my name’s Joe Marwood and I want to teach you about the markets. I’m an independent trader from London, UK and I called the bottom in stocks in March 2008 and the top in gold in 2012.

I firmly believe that there is no one, right way to trade the markets. You have to find the strategy that works for you. 

And on this flagship course, I take you on a journey through the world’s best, market-beating strategies. 

*Last course update: 21 November 2014.

Over 10,000 hours of experience and learning has been included in this course in the most succinct and accurate way I could think of.

Calling on wisdom from hundreds of finance books and professional traders, there are no get rich quick schemes included – just the simple facts and surprising truths I have learnt from years of trading.

Some courses are not taught by real traders and some are lacking in detail. This course is the sum of all my knowledge as a trader.
By taking this course you can start your education near the top, and greatly speed up your learning curve. You will learn:

Trading philosophy and fundamental analysis, money management and psychology, news trading and trend following, technical analysis and trading systems

As well… 23 trading systems are back-tested on 10 years historical data. Including:
Trading System 1: Moving average crossover:
A simple system that uses moving averages to find trends in stocks.
CAR = 13.97% (net profit: $25,036)

Trading System 2: 4 weeks up in a row:

A system based on a profitable pattern of four consecutive higher opens.
CAR = 14.21% (net profit: $27,720)

Trading System 3: Trading the noise:
A system that finds stocks in smooth trends using a custom formula to calculate market noise.
CAR = 21.99% (net profit: $62,843)

Trading System 4: Trading gradients:
A system that finds extremely oversold companies based on a custom formula.
CAR = 16.73% (net profit: $75,333)

…Trading System 10: Bull/Bear fear:
An original system based on an algorithm that trades both long and short.
CAR = 23.89% (net profit: $75,030)

…Trading System 14: Trading the gap:
A system that exploits gaps to make profitable returns.
CAR = 51.49% (net profit: $624,372)

…Trading System 21:
11-rule Graham value system:
</span> Based on the workings of Benjamin Graham.
CAR = 15.59%
& More…
*CAR = Compounded Annual Return
I then go into the processes and techniques to develop your own robust trading systems.
You also receive all system code and rules and over 60 spreadsheets of historical data.


You will learn how to trade non-farm payrolls and other news releases.
You’ll discover volatility and sentiment analysis, bottom-up valuation techniques and PE ratios.
You’ll learn how Buffett and Soros approach the markets and you’ll find out how to optimise your risk correctly.

You will also receive the tools you need to build your own winning trading system including Amibroker AFL code for every trading system, free Excel stock value calculator, free eBook and over 60 spreadsheets of up to date economic data.

Please note: With subscription to this course you automatically get free access to my other course Trading & Investing With Online Tools (here on Udemy).
And don’t forget…
You have a 100% unconditional guarantee from Udemy. If you are in any way unhappy you will get a full no conditions attached, refund. You have a full 30 days to study and see the results and potential.

Want to see something else covered?
Simply let me know. I am constantly updating the course with new material.

My ultimate wish is that you take the course and join our community so we can help each other beat the markets.

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