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Evernote is a powerful tool. This course will help you become uncommonly productive by using Evernote.
Are you tired of nonsense tips on how you can really manage INFORMATION OVERFLOW? Take this course and see how to get it done. Different than other courses, in this course you will not waste time with unnecessary information or spend too much time on unimportant and unrelated things. Direct, concise, focused course on how I use Evernote in REAL LIFE!
What others said about this course:
“This is the third Evernote course I took on Udemy and the first to really show the power of the tool, great job” D.L.
“I definitely recommend this course for people looking to increase their productivity, keep track of everything going on in their lives better, and who want to start using Evernote.” R.O.
“If you are looking for a course to show you how to achieve efficient workflow in all areas of life, then look no further–it’s here.” J.C.
“Excellent!!!!!!!!!!This course was so helpful in helping me get organized. The tutorials were quick, and effective! The instructor seemed to have mastered the concepts of Evernote, which helped a lot in setting up an account. I know now that I will definitely be using Evernote for a really long time. I will definitely recommend this course to all of my friends and family. I am very satisfied.” C.T.
“Never realized how much Evernote can do. The instructor does a good job explaining the various features of Evernote and tips on how to use them.” D.D.
“I was first introduced to Evernote through this course. I loved it right from the beginning, so I highly recommend everybody to take this course and try out Evernote. It is clearly and detailed presented” T.S.
What are you going to learn in this course? You are going to get a lot of answers to all these HOW TO questions:
I. How to get a good start!
1. How to create an Evernote account.
2. How to organize your notebooks and notes!
3. How to create Notebook stacks.
4. How to name your Notebooks – What’s in a name…? Everything!
5. How to create Tags
6. How to create TO DO’s and Task lists – Stop complaining, just do it!
7. On what devices you should use Evernote and when?
II. How to get organized
8. How to capture your information using multiple sources.
9. How to use Web Clipper. Life changing moment….
10. How to Email directly into Evernote!
11. How to use Evernote in a smart way.
12. How to scan documents on the go
13. How to track your Food! Enough said.
14. How to use the Evernote trunk!
III. How to get ready for…peace of mind:
15. How to search
16. How to secure your data
17. How to do Two-Step verification! Extra secure.
18. How to handle large projects? Don’t worry, let me show you why!
IV. How to get creative and become a pro
19. How to Share and Collaborate – This is fun!
20. How to Chat – did you say chat? Yes!
That should be sufficient for one course. If you do all these things I can guarantee you will be uncommonly productive in all areas of your life.
See you in the course.

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