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How to be a Master Presenter - Secrets of Public Speaking

Course Description

Whether you have an upcoming pitch, presentation, speech or meeting – HOW you present yourself and your ideas makes ALL the difference. It’s an essential element of career success – and YOUR key to the most valuable opportunities.

Master the Art of Presentation and Instantly Benefit from an Enhanced Level of Persuasion, Influence and Respect.

Learning from hugely successful course tutor – Keynote speaker and author, Mark Jeffries – This “conversational” and “engaging” course will raise your level and significantly improve your confidence and delivery for that next presentation or speech.

Mark Jeffries has spoken in front of more than 170,000 people at conferences and events around the world – within this video-based course, he will share exactly what you need to know to plan, prepare and deliver your next presentation.

Contents and Overview

Mark will take you directly onto the stage of both his OWN performances and behind the scenes, giving you the inside track.

  • You will also learn how to understand and anticipate the needs of your audience.
  • You will see how to take full advantage of the stage – whether big or small.
  • Discover ‘must-know’ facts about microphones and lighting.
  • You will be talked through the power of your voice and how little tricks can have a major impact.
  • You will be shown the SIX keys to presentation influence AND why TIME really matters (Teach, Inspire, Motivate, Entertain).
Mark will be your mentor and coach guiding you through uses of humor, pace, diction and in a truly unique new approach – you will get to join Mark in a “Live-Read” Duet – matching Mark in a clever read through of a downloadable PDF.

By the end of this course You will have learned how to create, compose and deliver key, memorable messages… to create genuine influence and master the Art of Presentation.


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