Udemy – How to add a “social booster” to your iPhone app in 3 steps [Free]

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Course Description

Hi everybody! Unfortunately my course is a bit out of date ๐Ÿ™ Feel free to take it so you may see that Kamcord really works and to discover the awesomeness of Kamcord BUT please take a look at the documentation for Cocos2d 2.0 + 2.1 for the correct steps to follow.ย 


I will update the course soon. Thank you for your patience.


Want to make your iOS app social? Do you want to get more installs from people that see your game on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube?

Now you can with Kamcord!

Kamcord allows your users to record and share their awesome game plays without having to leave your game. It supports Cocos2d and Unity on iOS, but this course is for Cocos2d users only.

Because I LOVE Cocos2d I just had to make a tutorial on how to implement this great tool! I’m sure that implementation in Unity is a snap too.

Adding Kamcord to your project is easy as 1,2,3.

Take this course and you’ll see.

In this tutorial I will show you how I integrated Kamcord into my app and how easily you can do the same. You may take a look at my app on the App Store:

Fly Piggy Fly (for iPhone)Oh, and both this course and Kamcord are FREE. You’re welcome.

I am NOT a part of the Kamcord team, but I liked the product SO MUCH that I just had to make you this tutorial.

P.S. As seen on TechCruch!

Udemy Coupon Code :ย https://www.udemy.com/add-kamcord/



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