Udemy – How I walked off 30 pounds the old fashioned way in 60 days [100% off]

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How I walked off 30 pounds the old fashioned way in 60 days

Course Description

This course covers how to lose weight by adopting a sound walking program and a healthy diet. It’s designed for those students who really need to lose weight and are motivated to reach that goal for compelling reasons such as health and wellbeing. The course makes use of the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) a quality control tool made popular by W. Deming in the area of quality improvement. The course is video based with quizzes. It’s also based on a real successful case of achieving the weight loss in just two months by following a well thought out approach with documented walking steps statistics and results. Students can complete this course in about a week or less depending on the level of engagement.

This course is worth taking because the approach used (PDCA) for planning and executing the walking program has been vetted in various areas of business, health and situations where we need to carry out changes for continuous improvement.


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