Udemy – How I Make $1000s With YouTube Product Reviews [100% off]

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Course Description

Updated Completely As Of August 9, 2015.

Launch a YouTube Channel from scratch. Review products that hundreds of thousands of people are talking about online, and go from YouTube subscriber to YouTube Content Creator in no time.

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  • $99 Sunday 8/16/2015 7PM Central Time
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  • $250 Sunday 8/30/2015 7PM Central Time

Record High-Quality Video Reviews, Edit Them Like A Pro, And Earn Monthly Passive Income!

  • 100% Video Content – no text files, pdfs, or filler lectures
  • Learn my personal YouTube system & Production Secrets
  • Tour my equipment setup & Put together your own Home-Recording Setup
  • Cut video with Software Used by Industry Professionals
  • Step-by-step instruction on how to review a product
  • Learn how to promote videos on the world’s largest social network
  • Monetize your channel & reap passive income

The Quick Path To YouTube Video Production & Channel Branding

Running your own YouTube is a unique opportunity in today’s world. It allows for flexible and creative lifestyle. YouTube is the biggest platform in the world to put your opinions in the spotlight! Help people from the vantage of real-life experience. Connect with thousands of people who will subscribe to hear what you think about technology, products, and software. Become an authority in your specific interests, and use your creative side to earn you extra income monthly. Learning How To Start A YouTube channel could change your entire life. The principles in this course can be re-purposed to more than just tech reviews. Take the insight in this course and apply it to any creative video production pursuit you want!

This course was designed for those that always wanted to be on YouTube & want to know exactly where to start. No prior YouTube experience required. In this course I start from the beginning. From creating a YouTube channel to uploading graphics. Then from product selection to product testing. From recording video to editing video. From uploading video to promoting video. All the little gaps of confusion to getting started are filled in here. Walk away knowing how to launch your own YouTube channel, video production skills, and the power to reach thousands online.


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