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Course Description

Imagine having a skill that 99% out of a hundred musicians, Amateur or Professional, have not developed at all!

A skill that will allow you to target notes while improvising and soloing,Rather than endlessly practicing scale patterns…Which can make you sound predictable and mechanical.

Or maybe you are a songwriter in search of new ideas to add creativity in your songs.

but in order to do that…you know you must understand how chords are related to each other so you can easily and systematically add variety to your Songs

The traditional way of learning how music works or “Music Theory”, Is centered on understanding things like reading traditional notation

Which is useful to some… but not to the majority of musicians who need practical knowledge and tools to remember and call upon that knowledge in everyday situations

you don’t need abstract concepts, you need practical application with Focused instruction for Quick Results!

Not overly technical, boring, put you to sleep, confusing jargon. There are plenty of confusing books & learning materials like that out there…

This causes musicians like you to become disinterested, or even discouraged. Making you feel like it’s too much of a hassle to learn & use.

However, The truth in the end is still unavoidable…You still need to master chords. In order to reach your full potential Regardless of what instrument you play.

And luckily, with just a couple of little tweaks in how you organize and systemize what you already know

you can master how to spell chords in record time!

Which will allow you to see hidden patterns and relationships that will remove the roadblocks and allow you to play and write with more confidence and speed.

but to do that, you need a different approach…

And that is what The Chord Code is all about

This course will show you how to strip away unnecessary details that have been making you spin your wheels

Here is what you will get:

To start, this is a straight forward 6 step process.

  • You will download The Chord Code inforgraphic Cheatsheet to use as you follow along with the rest of the course, and you can refer back to it anytime you need a quick refresh.
  • The Course is an hour and a half of video instruction, that is quick and to the point,
  • Each video is only a few minutes long for easy consumption.
  • so you can absorb it quickly, and begin to practice it.
  • you’ll start with a few basic terms, so you will be clear as to what is being discussed.
  • Along with an explanation of the 12 tone system.
  • Then I’ll show you how to strip out excessive detail that isn’t non-essential at this time.
  • After that you’ll get an overview of Intervals and scales, that is simplified
  • This clears the way for our foundatonal discussion of generic Intervals and generic scales which makes things as easy as possible to understand Very Fast!
  • You will re-arrange the way you think about letters, by changing their order. This allows you to spell out chords Instantly
  • You will Learn how chords are named in keys and what chords you should place emphasis on mastering first
  • You’ll learn how to create two of the most important tools in music. The Cycle of Fifths, and the Cycle of Fourths, Both with Ease and lightning speed! These will help you to put the detail back in and…
  • How to prioritize which keys to focus on first.
  • These tools allow you to spell chords in any key with incredible speed and confidence, you will see how small chords make up larger chords

Over the last 10+ years, I have tested this system on thousands of students who have had overwhelming success.

Now I have condensed this down for you into a clearly laid out plan designed to take you to the next level as a musician and gain some real momentum in your playing.

So go ahead and Enroll Now

And If you feel this isn’t for you, You have a Full, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee!

You can even Keep the Chart as my FREE GIFT to YOU for trying The Chord Code!

There is No Risk to you…

Only Fast gains in your Abilities and a Renewed sense of Confidence

It’s a good idea to clear these concepts up ASAP, So you can enjoy the benefits of your new knowledge immediately!

Tackle this head on and reap the rewards Today!

I’ll see you on the inside,

Enroll Now!!!


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