Udemy – How I Got My Book to #1 on Amazon with ZERO Marketing $$ [100% off]


Amazon offers self publishers a great opportunity to get their books out to the world. But publishing is just a small part of the process. Marketing is critical! 
If you want to have real success in publishing your book you need to have a complete marketing plan and strategy. 
This course gives you all the strategies I used to get my book to #1 in my category on Amazon.
At the end of this course you will:
– have an overview of social media platforms and how to choose the right one to promote your book to you “ideal audience”
– have learned social media strategies to get engagement and sales
– understand how to build your email list and then how to use your list to promote your book on an on-going basis
– know the value of joint ventures and how to build joint venture partnerships to promote your book (this is one of the most powerful promotion tools you can use!)
– understand the value of quality beta readers and reviewers, and how to find them
– how to best manage your launch day for maximum benefit
– have strategies for ongoing promotions.
Also included is a list of resources. 

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