Udemy – How I get customers: The Complete Local Marketing Course [100% off]

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How I get customers: The Complete Local Marketing Course

Course Description

This course explains and illustrates the best practices for launching a local internet marketing campaign. In this course we describe how to design, plan, launch, evaluate, and improve a local marketing campaign. How build a smart website that enhances your business and guides your customer to the quickest path to sales. Our detailed approach teaches our participants how to maximize online marketing strategies that can help move a business to the next level. We provide the means to create a cohesive an integrated marketing program that works seamlessly to maximize customer acquisition and retention.

I wrote this for the small local business owner, who wants to get their online act together even though their resources are limited, owners who want training to cover the simple things they can do on their own, because they don’t have a marketing department. I wrote this for people who are on their own with or minimum help or support. I don’t profess to know all your business challenges. I developed a course to empower you with marketing insight and tools I’ve used to get local business winning results over the span of 10 years.

Previous students have told me that they’ve applied just a few of the things they’ve learned in this course and are seeing really good results NOW! . This course is for small businesses looking for both short and long term growth, even those who are just starting a business. I produced this course to make sure you don’t take the long road to growth. This course can take years off of your learning curve.

It would be wonderful if I could promise you that at the end of this course, you will have all of your hopes and dreams come true. What I can tell you is that this course can give you a significantly higher chance of success in getting measurable growth which may be a much better plan than you have right now.

This course is for the entrepreneur:

  • Who needs more people walking into their shop every on slow periods or days to help drive up existing sales.
  • Who needs more people getting on their mailing list, to get more people return visits so they can send coupons, specials and news.
  • Who needs more people clicking through to my website to help drive visits and appointments.
  • Who needs more potential clients calling in, in order to convert more leads to paying clients.

At the end of this rainbow and you have implemented successfully understood these strategies and tactics. You can achieve the following:

  • Help you fill those slow periods during the week
  • Add a few more customers per day
  • Increase your customer base from last year
  • Significant impact the growth of your web visitors from last year
  • Help build trust and authority with your target market

And if you want to take your marketing knowledge and skills to the next level, I included the e-book, More customers: The ultimate Marketing Playbook for FREE to also use as a reference guide.


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