Udemy – How I designed, prototyped & manufactured my first product [100% off] Worth $299!

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Course Description

Take your first idea to market and have fun creating it! Take a simplified approach to learn how to design, prototype and manufacture your first product. Learn how I made my first product in months and how you can too! You’ll learn about all of the basic steps you need including:

  • Basic product sketching to move your idea from imagination to illustration.
  • Creating a “Design Kit” for prospective companies looking to license your product.
  • Learn 3D CAD using a free program and create parts and assemblies.
  • Learn about 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC machining services.
  • Find out where to get parts and supplies for free or with discounts.
  • Learn where manufacturers are and what they need from you to create your product.

This course can take a few weeks, a few months… even a few years depending on your idea. However long it will take, you’ll gain tons of insight and experience along with numerous network opportunitiesall around your first product. Take the steps to make your first of many!


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