Udemy – How CEOs Transform Companies with Robert H. Miles, PhD. [100% off] Worth $299 !!!

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Course Description

You’ll learn a proven process methodology for corporate transformation that’s been developed while working with companies like GE, Apple, IBM, Symantec, Office Depot and many more. 
Accelerated Corporate Transformation (ACT) was developed by Dr. Robert H. Miles while working at Harvard Business School as a workshop process with top CEOs, then honed over many decades of direct experience with 25 full transformations and many consulting projects. 
You’ll learn the 6 Inhibitors and Accelerators published in the Harvard Business Review, plus never before revealed strategies for transformational leaders at every level. 
Beyond change management, you’ll learn how and why this proven methodology works, including the organizational development science and insights into human behavior. 
Any CEO or member of a corporate leadership team who wishes to fully support their company’s change management efforts should learn the difference between transformation and change. 
This course will take you far beyond that – you’ll gain strategies, skills and leadership insights that will add to the value you already bring to your organization and help you grow your career. 
Anyone who manages a team of people will take skills from this course that they can immediately put to use in more effectively engaging others for better performance – through a proven process methodology that creates commitments and accountability with clear communication across every level in a structured, streamlined way. 
Corporate leaders will gain profound insights into high-level organizational performance and learn how to gain high shareholder value from lower-performing organizations. 

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