Udemy – Hebrew For Beginners [100% off]

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In this course you are going to learn Hebrew right from scratch, with our special unique program that has proved itself for years, we are going to start with the basics and slowly get you up to a level where you have enough skills to get yourself around Israel, and have full basic conversations, without the use of english
So these are our goals:
  • Understand the differences between english and hebrew
  • Know the Hebrew’s “Alef Bet” (ABC).
  • Read and write in Hebrew.
  • Go through the basics words (and more).
  • Build a basic sentence in Hebrew, including Questions.
  • Building a rich vocabulary in Hebrew.
  • Be able to communicate in Hebrew.
– You will have plenty of homework to exercise with, at least one huge quiz for every section, TONS of extras (MP3 files, presentations, PDF files and alot of bonuses), and a dedicated staff just waiting to answer any question you have!
– The course is huge, and to master all of it including all the extras you need at least 2 months, moreover, we are adding new materials frequently and will notify you, so your experience of learning Hebrew is never-ending.
– The course is built in a very unique way that was developed by us and used in the last (almost) decade with amazing results. 
Learning Hebrew has never been easier.
So what are you waiting for?? it’s time to learn Hebrew!

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