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Haskell Programming

Course Description

Haskell is an amazing language similar to C, C++ and Java. But its more in Mathematics and Functions. Most of the codes will be written in Notepad++ and Haskell interpreter. We have used the version 7.10.2-a and will be taught in windows environment. You will find Haskell to be different from any language you have ever used before. Compared to the usual set of concepts in a programmer’s mental toolbox, functional programming offers us a profoundly different way to think about software. While at its core, the language encourages a pure, lazy style of functional programming. Haskell supports traditional models of procedural code and strict evaluation. Additionally, although the focus of the language is squarely on writing statically typed programs, it is possible (though rarely seen) to write Haskell code in a dynamically typed manner. The tutorials will be run on the GHCi version of Haskell. Make sure to download all the necessary stuff before you start to set out on the road of Haskell. Most programmers have the mindset that if you know C,C++, Java and python, most other languages will be easy to learn. But thats not the case with Haskell. You need a strong will power and actually dedicate time towards Haskell to get a better understanding of it.

This course will assume that you have the basic mathematical knowledge inclusive of proving basic theorems, Sets, Unions and Algebra. This course is intended towards purely professional coders. If you know C and Java; especially scala, then it will be easy to understand Haskell. Haskell is purely mathematical and functional language. This course is not for absolute beginners. This course is the basic for Haskell but actually advanced for people who know only the basics in programming.

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