Udemy – Guys: Secrets to Sexting and Dirty Talk that Turn Her On [100% off]

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Learn the structure of a sext (sexual text message) that gets her wet, makes her want you, and has her begging for more. Then, learn how to use your voice to do the same thing. Stop being a guy who has to beg for sex; learn the secrets to have her beg for you.
We’ll cover:
  • A simple 7-step process that leads to sex every time
  • The absolute biggest secret to turning her on, and how to leverage this secret in text messages and with your voice
  • The two reasons why she wants sex, and how to use one to your benefit
  • How to make your idea of having sex with her actually her idea so that she chases you for it
  • Exactly the type of texts and dirty talk you should be using when you are getting started, and where it will lead for even the most advanced person
  • How to ensure you keep her turned on (and how not to blow the moment!)
  • Elements you can add into your turn-on texts and dirty talk, and exactly what you must do to not tick her off
  • The only 3 steps to making her reach an oragasm using only your voice (it’s possible!)
  • Exactly how to take any topic of conversation, even if it is as mundane as talking about the weather, and transition into sexy text messages or dirty talk, all under her radar (she’ll wonder how it even happened!)
  • The one thing you must do to pull her in and make her want you more (and how to do it with your voice and with text messages)
  • An example turn-on text you can send to a girl you are dating right now!
  • Keys to using your voice that make her wet, and how to set it up so that your voice alone will make her wet just from simple phrases (it’s like a remote control for her body)
  • There’s one thing you can do that will absolutely turn her on, and what you must do while doing it
  • An example listening to my voice as I read out the dirty talk – make sure you have headphones on if she’s around, cause just hearing it will turn her on
  • As a bonus, learn keys to a successful role play, how to take your sex life to a whole new level, and one secret I use time and time again to find out her fantasies without scaring her away
  • And there’s even more.. I’ll give you 5 things you can do to eliminate boring and repeatable sex forever
And I’m here for you. Just post in the discussion area, and I’ll help you out. If it turns out the class will benefit from additional lessons on topics, I’ll add them in as well, free of charge for existing students.
This course is free of fluff. I packed only the things you need to know in it because I want you to be able to go through it as quickly as possible so that you can get some right away.
How much money have you spent on dates where you went home without getting any? Isn’t it time you change that today?
If you are in the friend zone, or if your wife or girlfriend seems to be the one calling the shots, leaving you all horny night after night, this course can put you in charge. Let her be the one begging you to stay up to play with her. Every. Single. Night.
Here’s what you get when you join this course today…
  • Access to our existing lectures
  • Free access to our new lectures
  • Ability to get your questions answered in our discussion section or one-on-one via private message
  • The secrets that set you apart from most other guys, which make her come to you for sex

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