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Green Screen Videos Simplified

Course Description

*** LATEST: December 2015 – Course Updated ***

You’re an entrepreneur who’s currently making talking head videos.

Your videos have been OK but you need to spice them up, the background in your videos are boring & untidy, you’d like to look more professional. You’ve heard about GREEN SCREEN but no one really explains it in simple terms.

You NEED to make a video soon, you need to keep your costs down and you’d rather do it yourself BUT you don’t want it to be too complicated

Or maybe you can stretch the budget for a professionally-made promo video to sell your training course but you can’t afford to outsource the entire course video production.

If you only get your promo video professionally-made the entire course MUST be the same high quality – if it’s not, your customers will feel deceived and will give you 1 star reviews AND ask for a refund!

No matter what you’ve heard – Green Screen video is NOT EASY! But it is a lot of FUN.

Anyone can make a green screen video, right? But many look ‘cheap and nasty’ – and they will hurt your brand irreversibly!

Just look at all the green screen videos made by some professional photographers and videomakers – if they can’t get it right, what chance have you got?

I’m a Windows user, and I love making videos. I don’t use a DSLR camera – I use the camera I have with me 24/7 – my iPhone.

I get amazing results and I want to show you how in this course.

Green Screen video technology is now available to Windows users with Camtasia Studio and I’ll show you what gets good results,

In these training videos, I’ll show you simple techniques you can use to enhance your teaching and promo videos using Green Screen technology.

You’ll soon be making green screen videos that are more engaging and help your audience to improve their lives.

Whether you want:

  • better backdrops for your promo videos,
  • or you want to enhance your students’ learning experience in your teaching videos
  • or you simply want to improve your professional image with an expensive-looking backdrop

this green screen video training is for you!

By the end of this training you’ll be in control of your video making

Take control now – press the “Take This Course” button now and start making your awesome green screen video today.

PS – you don’t need to buy any new equipment to get started 🙂


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