Udemy – Google Tag Manager: Speed up your Tracking installation [100% off] Worth $97

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Google Tag Manager: Speed up your Tracking installation
As an internet marketer, don’t you wish there was a tool to simplify the installation process of tools like: Google Analytics, Retargeting or any other Tracking Devices?
Imagine there is a way to do MORE with your online marketing tools…FASTER, and WITHOUT ever having to hire a web developer to install tracking codes. 
Welcome to the ONLY course about Google Tag Manager, a relatively new tool that is innovating the workflow of marketers. 
In this course, you will learn how my clients and I use this one simple tool to…
  • Market faster and more effectively.. without hiring a web developer (money saved)
  • Enable enhanced features in internet marketing tools like Google Analytics and Retargeting

  • Use this tool to beat your competitors at online marketing
  • Deploy and edit marketing tags instantly
GTM is on the cutting edge, and you will be better than your competition if you adopt it now
You will be able to deploy Marketing Tags using GTM at the end of the course, without needing to run to your web developer 
The clients I have worked with through my analytics company have saved countless hours and thousands of dollars by avoiding the hassle of dealing with internet marketing tags. With Google Tag Manager, you can do, what previously took a developer ages, in just seconds. 
Listen to what people are saying:
“Perfect in knowledge and skill at converting all of my sites over to Google Tag Manager while doing a deep integration of Google Analytics reporting so I can know all of my conversion metrics.” Paul Kortman, Founder of Connex Social
“Helped me dig deeper into Google Analytics to see what was really going on and understand how our customers were using our site.” Derek Szeto, Online Marketing Manager of The Portable Bar Company
Enroll in this course today to get a leg up on the competition and become a better marketer.

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