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Google Search Secrets
“I would recommend this course to all of my students who are not fully aware of all the capabilities Google offers.”

“I like the background music to set the mood of the course and make me learn faster! ”

“Google is part of our life and Hugo has given us some very essential tips to “ask” Google for answers.”——————————————————————————————————

This course is the ONLY one of it’s kind, not just on Udemy but on the Internet. My promise to you is that if you find a similar video course, I will give you free access to mine.

In this course you will learn something new every 30 seconds ! Yay, no boring bits!

It is intended for anyone that uses Google daily as their default search engine and wishes to learn more about it!

Google is a giant, and has a lot of tricks and things hidden within the search engine, so why not to fully learn about the search engine you use every single day? The tips and tricks I will show you in this course will take you to the next level of performing effective searches in Google.

You will learn how to use the Inspect Element in Google Chrome, along with some lite white hacking and get to know the most fun tricks Google has to offer.
You will learn how to hack live webcams all around the world!

You will play browser built-in games.
You will use the best Chrome extensions on the market.

And MUCH more…!

Please check out our promo video, our free lessons below and read our reviews! Afterwards if you do think that this course can help you to have more control over Google and save your precious time with your daily searches, I would be honored to have you on board.
I will be updating this course with new lessons regularly so you will never miss anything out!

Knowledge is a beautiful thing isn’t it? You are 1 hour away from mastering Google and share the knowledge with all of your friends, kids and family. Don’t wait anymore, Let’s learn together NOW!

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