Udemy – Google Analytics for Udemy [100% off]

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This course is for Udemy instructors like you who want to learn how to set up Google Analytics to track visits, page views, and conversions for your Udemy course. 
Don’t worry if you haven’t used Google Analytics (GA) before. In this course, you’ll see everything you need to set up GA to get accurate data. 
This is NOT the best course around for general Google Analytics training. That’s not the purpose of it. If you want to learn all the ins and out of Analytics for general use on your personal or company website or mobile app, there are some great courses on Udemy for that. This course is very focused on Analytics for Udemy courses – what you can and cannot do once you add the tracking code. 
In this course, you will learn:
  • How to register for a Google account
  • How to use your existing Google account to create a Google Analytics account
  • How to create the tracking code in Google Analytics
  • How to add that tracking code to your course in Udemy settings
  • The basic traffic reports – sessions, users and bounce rate
  • Tracking the source of traffic – including referrals
  • Seeing which lectures of your course are viewed most often
  • Filtering out your own IP address from reports
  • Segmenting your traffic into all visitors, only mobile visitors, new visitors, etc
  • Setting up goals and the Udemy-specific funnel
  • And how to understand the goal reports

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