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Golang - Learn Google's Go Programming Language

Course Description

Go is an amazing choice for a language as it was developed by some of the same individuals who created the C programming language, Unix, and UTF-8 – some of the most influential contributions to computer science. In this course we will learn about the Go programming language from Google. In this couse, the trainer would be using Notepad++ and Go’s official interpreter i.e. our basic command prompt to convert compiled languages. There are different compilers and IDEs out there which you can use instead. But this course was specifically written keeping basic and experienced programmers in mind. So, if you are experienced, then you can surely use IDEs like Intellij IDEA platform instead of the basic interpreter and notepad++.

Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. Go is a general purpose programming language with modern features, clean syntax and a robust well-documented common library, making it an ideal programming language to learn. Go gives us the ability to help shape applications according to our needs. Since many other programming languages such as C, C++, and Java were invented decades ago, they were not actually invented with the integration of modern computation technologies. Go, here makes a difference with its built-in and excellent support for many modern technologies like communication channels, concurrencies and many more.

It also supports several coding standards which are actually enforced by the Go’s compiler to keep your code clean and proficient as much as possible. Go also has a built-in type check to make batch testing quick and extremely easy.


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